UNLIMITED KINDLE Ö How to Read a Person Like a Book - by Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero #2020

  • Title: How to Read a Person Like a Book
  • Author: Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero
  • ISBN: 9780671735579
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback

  • How to Read a Person Like a Book By Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero Learn what your friend, your lover, your boss are really saying to you in the language that everybody uses but nobody speaks body language From the renowned founder of The Negotiation Institute Gerard Nierenberg comes this easy to use guide to improving your ability to communicate with other people.Whether conscious or not of our bodies movements, we express our feelingsLearn what your friend, your lover, your boss are really saying to you in the language that everybody uses but nobody speaks body language From the renowned founder of The Negotiation Institute Gerard Nierenberg comes this easy to use guide to improving your ability to communicate with other people.Whether conscious or not of our bodies movements, we express our feelings, attitudes, and motives through gestures that are often vague and frequently ignored How to Read a Person Like a Book teaches you how to decode and reply to nonverbal signals from strangers, friends, and business associates, allowing you to gain command of business and social situations sharpen your negotiating skills recognize signals of affection and attraction enrich your knowledge of body language and much Learn the clues that make reading people easy Gerard Nierenberg s proven techniques for gaining control of negotiations, detecting lies, or recognizing signals of affection and sexual attraction will dramatically improve your understanding of others, giving you the advantage of added insight into all social and business situations.
    Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero
    Gerard Nierenberg was the founder of the Negotiation Institute, an educational non profit institute dedicated to advancing the art of negotiation He published his first book, The Art of Negotiating, in 1968 the subsequent success of the book led to the creation of customized in house workshops on the art of negotiating Mr Nierenberg provided seminars to entities from Fortune 500 companies to academic institutions to governmental organizations and agencies worldwide He went on to write twenty two books, translated into thirty two languages, on the subjects of negotiation, communication and effective sales techniques.As a thought leader in the field of negotiation, he was frequently called upon by the press to provide in depth analysis of events of the day In conjunction with his bestseller on body language How To Read a Person Like a Book, he appeared several times on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson He died in New York at the age of 89.

    How to Read a Person Like a Book By Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero


    Rabab Al.aswad
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 100 2017

    There are many levels of communications going on when a person interacts with the world, verbal, physic, and body language Try as a person might, they cannot monitor all of these channels completely By being observant, one can gain a truer assessment of what a person is trying to convey This book seeks to draw your attention to the body language of people, and gain a increase insight into their true mental state Party scenes are analyzed, couples in public are studied, students in a class room a [...]

    Eva Najeh
    I Read the translated version of the Arabic and it was boring

    it s very interesting although there are words that i don t understand.

    Nathan Albright
    It is quite well known among anyone remotely familiar with me that I enjoy reading books and that I have a great deal of interest in the problem of interpersonal communication 1 This book is a particularly practical book, and an immensely worthwhile one for anyone who is a speaker or anyone who draws the sort of responses from other people that I have often done It is a book on nonverbal communication, and is an attempt to help make people responsive and observant to the tells of people s postu [...]

    Aurick Frederick
    This book explains in detail how a body language spoken through out many situations, whether you are presenting, negotiating, or even on casual conversation.Very informative with lots of pictures given for easier understanding

    Non Fiction is great I m starting to like non fiction a lot recently, i have been reading a lot of books that teaches youngsters how to be good leaders when they grow up How to be a servant leader Well, to begin with, this book is the start, the begining of this life lesson that can set you for life This book is great because it teaches the readers how to read body language What does a person s body language tell us about a person, you may ask Addtionally, it can tell you many things, like their [...]

    Out of all the beneficial books I have read, this is definitely one of the top It doesn t give you groundbreaking information but merely sheds a light on gestures we use everyday gestures that we probably are already aware of intuitively I loved the chapter on how best to understand gestures one shouldn t interpret gestures alone but in the gesture cluster they are in, as well as context and situation which will provide a better understanding There was an explanation on gestures that turn off an [...]

    I enjoy reading about body language it s hard to refute, since there have been so many studies to prove it This book has a few great points After reading it, I found myself in a meeting and the person on the other side of me did one of the moves and it was exactly for the reason the book stated ear pull It was exciting and it gave me an opportunity to stop talking and let the person tell me what they loved about the idea we were discussing On the other side, it s VERY dated discusses smoking in [...]

    Bookworm Amir
    How To Read a Person Like a Book is an investment that will reap you rewards in far ways than you can imagine.This is a manual of body language It is simple, straightforward, and written in layman s terms It does not go into all that academic talk which would bore you and it is very concise In addition, they contain sketches of body language situations A very enjoyable read that most definitely has taught me a lot on how to read people After reading this I can gauge a person group s subconsciou [...]

    Well I re read this one and it has some useful information but I have read a few of these I think it s a little dated maybe Not that body language changes all that much but I have read comprehensive books on the subject.Joe Navarro would be good to check out for books in this genre I also have another one some woman who is a lawyer who picks juries check my book shelf I forgot her name is much detailed and helpful Decent but not the best out there Very basic intro at best.

    this book was just fine this book tells you how to read gestures it is an informative book but this book is not very interesting for kids I think that adults would enjoy it better if you are a person who is interested in activities related to speaking like debate and elocution I would suggest this book for you.

    Maria Gad
    This was a good book I thought this would be in depth Also, It doesn t add much to the basics of analysis, most of the things illustrated in this book is known to everyone of common else I do believe that one gesture or posture has than one meaning or referring.

    Fatmah AlHaila"a

    I was very impressed with How to Read a Person Like a Book Overall, it was very informative and straight to the point I read it in one day, and afterwards, I felt like I sort of had the upper hand over people who don t constantly observe the body language of others It makes for quite an interesting experience considering, I work around a bunch of different people from a bunch of different backgrounds As George Carlin would say, I ve got a front row ticket to the freak show To keep this review br [...]

    Vincentius Ermo
    Great books for everyoneThe book covers the basic in identifying a hidden message behind the gestures of our counterparts It is great for everyone who wish to understand the other e.g client, spouse, children, audiences, etc in a better way, through the reading of the gestures.

    Victor Liu
    This is a good beginner s guide to everything to do with body language Very informative, and everything is categorised nicely into emotion clutters, but it could get a little overwhelming when you are overload with information All in all, it s a good read to get you started with non verbal cues.


    Muaz Al Halabi (Moe)
    Interesting and informative, yet somehow wasn t enough to satisfy me The author repeated his ideas over and over again However, it s a quick read so i recommend it.

    Zlatan Koralski
    Very basic stuff,only covering some main and mostly known to an average person body language signs and explanations.Really expected .

    It s interesting I just would want to know the evidence for all of these things Have there been studies done that support that these gestures mean what they re telling me they mean Also, if someone knows these things, how easy would it be for them to fool people into believing they mean something totally different than what their gestures are saying Idk I m always wary of books like this I think gestures and body language can be relative to a certain culture or upbringing and cannot necessarily [...]

    This is my first book on the subject and I think it was a good start Some of the information are not really groundbreaking and are intuitive based but it is always good to be confirmed However, I have a strong belief that culture plays part in how we react consciously and non consciously This is not really covered in this book I like how they claim that non verbal signals vary from city to city, section to section, and country to country p.140 This somehow supports my belief but this should be [...]

    Clare O"Beara
    This is interesting because it sees people s body language from an American perspective and the previous books I had read on the subject were British For instance, we see that American men may sit with one ankle crossed across their knee, called the figure four position Men here don t do that in general I then tried it myself and found that you need to be wearing trousers with a little give in them and sitting upright on a straight supportive chair with no arms, not behind a desk The authors are [...]

    Thomas R. Sinnott
    I don t often consciously consider body language as this book is an excellent reminder of just how impotant the body language can be in understanding conversation or interpreting a person s reaction to you Very enjoyable read I especially enjoyed the relAtionship content as being married for almost 29 years you tend to forget and take your partner for granted My son had to read high school so I read as a curiosity but thoroughly enjoyed and wish I read while in grade school as would have been a [...]

    I am not convinced that many of the postures and gestures described here are an end all guide to a person s unstated positions or feelings I have often seen someone shaking their head no when I know for a fact they are telling the truth, or scratch their nose when I know for a fact they are not unsure of themselves, and are absolutely speaking truth Haven t the experts ever heard of nasal allergies These points aside, I do know that non verbal communication DOES in fact exist, and that this book [...]

    Putri Amalia

    Rated PG.I learned so much from this book I had no idea how many facets there are to body language, and how much you can figure out about a person s mood, personality, or stress level based on their hands, feet, ankles, etc I thought I already knew how to read faces pretty well, but there is so much to reading body language than I knew A great find, well worth the read, and something I will definitely come back to because I really didn t internalize it all, even though I want to do so

    The information is solid and well presented Reading body language is a skill, and thus requires practice No single clue is infallible, other clues need to be used for confirmation.This was not originally organized as an eBook, and thus refers to page numbers within itself, which isn t helpful in the Kindle format.The authors have excellent credentials, and the information is well presented The book has a logical organization, a generous bibliography, author s biography, and an index Somehow, I d [...]

    Myrtede Alfred
    This book is a good read for anyone interested in learning about body language and a must read for sales professionals and those involved in negotiations Some of the ideas discussed were intuitive but it provides a good foundation for reading and understanding a person s body language It helps you answer questions like are both sides in agreement, is this person lying to me, is he she interested in me, and is the audience receptive to my ideas The book does not cover all forms of non verbal comm [...]

    Kayed Al-qasimi
    This was a good book It gives insight into non verbal communication and is well structured I enjoyed it and learnt a bit However, as they mention in the beginning of the book, this is stuff you need to practice You wont read this book and be able to read people straight away You need to go to social areas such as a cafe or mall and practice this I just finished the book and I know there is stuff I have forgotten.Its the first book I have read on this subject so I have nothing to compare it too, [...]

    • UNLIMITED KINDLE Ö How to Read a Person Like a Book - by Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero
      Gerard I. Nierenberg Henry H. Calero