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  • Title: The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot
  • Author: Russell Kirk
  • ISBN: 9780895261717
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot By Russell Kirk It is inconceivable even to imagine, let alone hope for, a dominant conservative movement in America without Kirk s labor William F Buckley, Jr.Russell Kirk s The Conservative Mind is one of the greatest contributions to twentieth century American conservatism Brilliant in every respect, from its conception to its choice of significant figures representing the histo It is inconceivable even to imagine, let alone hope for, a dominant conservative movement in America without Kirk s labor William F Buckley, Jr.Russell Kirk s The Conservative Mind is one of the greatest contributions to twentieth century American conservatism Brilliant in every respect, from its conception to its choice of significant figures representing the history of intellectual conservatism, The Conservative Mind launched the modern American Conservative Movement when it was first published in 1953 and has become an enduring classic of political thought.The seventh revised edition features the complete text and an introduction by publisher Henry Regency.A must read.
    Russell Kirk
    For than forty years, Russell Kirk was in the thick of the intellectual controversies of his time He is the author of some thirty two books, hundreds of periodical essays, and many short stories Both Time and Newsweek have described him as one of America s leading thinkers, and The New York Times acknowledged the scale of his influence when in 1998 it wrote that Kirk s 1953 book The Conservative Mind gave American conservatives an identity and a genealogy and catalyzed the postwar movement Dr Kirk wrote and spoke on modern culture, political thought and practice, educational theory, literary criticism, ethical questions, and social themes He addressed audiences on hundreds of American campuses and appeared often on television and radio.He edited the educational quarterly journal The University Bookman and was founder and first editor of the quarterly Modern Age He contributed articles to numerous serious periodicals on either side of the Atlantic For a quarter of a century he wrote a page on education for National Review, and for thirteen years published, through the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, a nationally syndicated newspaper column Over the years he contributed to than a hundred serious periodicals in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, and Poland, among them Sewanee Review, Yale Review, Fortune, Humanitas, The Contemporary Review, The Journal of the History of Ideas, World Review, Crisis, History Today, Policy Review, Commonweal, Kenyon Review, The Review of Politics, and The World and I.He is the only American to hold the highest arts degree earned of the senior Scottish university doctor of letters of St Andrews He received his bachelor s degree from Michigan State University and his master s degree from Duke University He received honorary doctorates from twelve American universities and colleges.He was a Guggenheim Fellow, a senior fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies, a Constitutional Fellow of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and a Fulbright Lecturer in Scotland The Christopher Award was conferred upon him for his book Eliot and His Age, and he received the Ann Radcliffe Award of the Count Dracula Society for his Gothic Fiction The Third World Fantasy Convention gave him its award for best short fiction for his short story, There s a Long, Long Trail a Winding In 1984 he received the Weaver Award of the Ingersoll Prizes for his scholarly writing For several years he was a Distinguished Scholar of the Heritage Foundation In 1989, President Reagan conferred on him the Presidential Citizens Medal In 1991, he was awarded the Salvatori Prize for historical writing.More than a million copies of Kirk s books have been sold, and several have been translated in German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, and other languages His second book, The Conservative Mind 1953 , is one of the most widely reviewed and discussed studies of political ideas in this century and has gone through seven editions Seventeen of his books are in print at present, and he has written prefaces to many other books, contributed essays to them, or edited them.Dr Kirk debated with such well known speakers as Norman Thomas, Frank Mankiewicz, Carey McWilliams, John Roche, Arthur M Schlesinger, Jr Michael Harrington, Max Lerner, Michael Novak, Sidney Lens, William Kunstler, Hubert Humphrey, F A Hayek, Karl Hess, Clifford Case, Ayn Rand, Eugene McCarthy, Leonard Weinglass, Louis Lomax, Harold Taylor, Clark Kerr, Saul Alinsky, Staughton Lynd, Malcolm X, Dick Gregory, and Tom Hayden Several of his public lectures have been broadcast nationally on C SPAN.Among Kirk s literary and scholarly friends were T S Eliot, Roy Campbell, Wyndham Lewis, Donald Davidson, George Scott Moncrieff, Richard Weaver, Max Picard, Ray Bradbury, Bernard Iddings Bell, Paul Roche, James McAuley, Thomas Howard, Wilhem Roepke, Robert Speaight

    The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot By Russell Kirk


    J.A.A. Purves
    This book is simply astonishing Voluminous, clear and concise, Kirk traces the history of thought and distinguishes between conservative thought in both Britain and America and other radical and progressive ideas The result is a rich literary tradition and foundation that I fear most modern conservatives remain ignorant of.The result has also convinced me in a manner that I have never been able to understand as clearly before that one of the primary intellectual characteristics of traditional co [...]

    Simon Stegall
    This may be the most personally impactful book I ve ever read I have never been so challenged by a book, and have never grown so much as a result By the last page, my understanding of Kirk s topic had increased so much that I wanted to flip the book over and start again, because I knew I would comprehend it so much Kirk s encyclopedic knowledge of his topic is incredible.The Conservative Mind is a chronicle of the great conservative thinkers of history, starting with Edmund Burke and John Adams [...]

    Stephen Hicks
    It is no wonder why this work is considered to be one of the cornerstones of conservative literature Kirk s survey of conservative thought beginning with Edmund Burke and ending with George Santayana is the unfurling of a historical tapestry Do not be fooled for the conservatism put forth by Kirk is not the colloquial conservatism touted by many politicians today In fact, few people out there in the public square wave the banner of Burke Kirk The profundity of this book, and its subject matter, [...]

    For most of human history, change has been a glacier slow to move, retreating as much as it advances Since the scientific and industrial revolutions, however, change is less a glacier and a snowball, moving with rapidity, becoming ever drastic, and picking up speed Russell Kirk would remind modern readers that snowball modernity is moving, like other snowballs, downhill In The Conservative Mind, he collects and comments on the thoughts of those who, since the Pandora s box of revolutions was o [...]

    Ben Batchelder
    When published by Russell Kirk in 1953, Conservative Mind was an oxymoron to morons, such were the stultifying orthodoxies of liberal thought While it still may appear so to some, Russell s grounding of the conservative American tradition From Burke to Eliot in fact gave a significant push to a movement on the cusp of intellectual renewal What a pleasure to read a book which so easily swept away the remaining pieties of my liberal upbringing in the 60s and 70 s It helped me to re learn the age o [...]

    Joseph Stieb
    I decided to read this book because of the recent election to try to get a sharper sense of one strand of Whatever ideology Trump and his ilk are promulgating white nationalism reaction populism it is a far cry from Kirk s highly traditional, religiously orthodox, and stuffy conservatism And before I jump into the book s ideas, let me just issue a warning this is the stuffiest book I have ever read If you want to read it, you should have a better reason than I did This book is not fun in any reg [...]

    We are yanking free the anchors, worrying loose the cables, and where once this was effected with radical fervor, it s now a consequence of indolence, of decay, of corruption Our politics are dominated by preeners who speak as utopians and govern as apparatchiks Our news is brought to us by people who understand little of what they attempt to relate Our children are instructed by dullards Our churches continue to splinter, our civil bonds disintegrate, and a near majority of adults choose either [...]

    This is one of the most important books I have ever read There are probably ten books in that category right now Either I have extraordinary good fortune in the books I select, or I am too easily impressed Hmm.Although I had gathered before now that a gigantic chasm exists between the old world of Christendom and the new world of Modernity, the realization is refreshed and sharpened with almost every book I read now This particular book helped that realization coalesce into concrete principles a [...]

    Jeff Miller
    I am no much for reading political philosophy, but I am very glad to have read this One of those books I knew of and wanted to get around to eventually.This history of conservative thought and those who advanced it is such a good read and so informative I am rather embarrassed by how little I knew of this history This book is such a balm considering what passes for conservatism now We have lost or ignored first principles and think policy decisions is a replacement for it I was especially glad t [...]

    Adam Carman
    An excellent overview of conservative thought In an age when most associate conservatism with the selfish libertarianism of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, Kirk reminds us that true conservatives seek to protect the permanent things , the traditions of society, and to recognize that the wisdom of humanity is in the aggregate, not the individual Kirk s unwillingness to confront the issue of slavery weakens him a bit when he includes John Randolph and John Calhoun because of their support for local author [...]

    According to Kirk, conservatives are skeptical of all big plans to remodel society or reform government based out of some ideology, doctrine, or a priori plan Conservatives respect a nation s leaders because they are leaders, even if they disagree with them the honor and authority of the institution is important than the individual, even as the nation is important than the party Conservatives are skeptical of the market, and its socially corrosive tendency to reduce all values to the value of [...]

    The Conservative Mind is something between and synopsis and a Bible of what the author deems conservative thought and thinkers for the past 2.5 centuries Beginning with the French Revolution and Edmund Burke s corresponding political and philosophical reaction, the author traces how in both America and the U.K there have consistently been statesmen, philosophers, writers and academics who have opposed the desire for radical change, blind leveling, secularism and irreverence towards the past with [...]

    Kyle Grindberg
    Good, though I wish he gave even a little biographical information on the people covered.

    James (JD) Dittes
    What is a Conservative Do they exist any Amid the radical right wing politics of today torture, contempt for constitutional rights, a hijacking by the gun and energy lobbies do real conservatives exist any That s why I checked out _The Conservative Mind_ on audiobook I knew vaguely about Burke s Notes on the Revolution in France A book that promised to trace his influence down to the 1950s seemed irresistible.For the first 100 years of his study, Kirk relies on familiar writers to trace the stra [...]

    This is perhaps the only essential book for conservative thinkers to read The scope of what Kirk has done here is astounding, frankly, and he did to turn Conservationism from a hodgepodge of unrelated theories to a intellectually coherent way of looking at the world, solidly based on some of the great thinkers of the past Kirk is astoundingly well read Just off the cuff, he gives those of us that are mere mortals a reading list to last over a lifetime.I d recommend this to anyone that s a serio [...]

    Sean Chick
    Kirk has both a thorough knowledge of the subject and enthusiasm Unfortunately, his language is too often given to hyperbole and he constantly overstates the influence of certain men Edmund Burke is not the only reason Britain hewed to the conservative path Indeed, Burke in general is treated with a holy reverence that gets under the skin rather quickly The anti democratic impulse that courses through this book is amusing and makes me wonder why so many American conservatives praise this work Th [...]

    Chris J
    This is a tome 500 pages of conservative history I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who had a sincere interest in conservative thought Certainly, it s not for the uncommitted reader It s a labor, but I found it to be a labor of love Aww, isn t that nice I espeically enjoyed the sections on Tocqueville and John Henry Newman, as I did gaining a greater understanding of the conservative reaction towards Positivism, Materialism, etc I was force fed this theory in grad school [...]

    Ryan Watkins
    This book is an extended essay on what conservatism, in the line of Edmund Burke, is Kirk also traces the various proponents of Burkean conservatism from Edmund Burke to T.S Eliot as well as mentioning others with thinking similar to, but slightly outside of, the Burkean tradition For those new to reading Kirk it is probably better to start with his smaller works When I read this I had very little knowledge of Kirk, Burke, or any of the people he speaks of and found it difficult to follow My onl [...]

    Eric Orchard
    An important exploration of conservative thought Russel touches on the words and ideas of conservatives beginning with Edmund Burke going on to Coleridge and the Romantics and through to some mid century politicians and thinkers I think it s an important book for people of all political leanings as it clearly lays out the roots of conservatism and explains its distaste of ideology It also describes a conservatism that may be lost, an intellectual, nuanced and thoughtful brand of conservatism.

    Interesting in its day, but that has long passed Conservative thought is fascinating, but there are many good, contemporary works on this now available Worth a look but not deep thought.

    Douglas Wilson

    Russell Kirk s The Conservative Mind is a book that displays impressive learning, deep feeling, and splendid literary style It was first published in 1953, and played a crucial role in establishing the post WWII conservative intellectual movement in America Of course, the thought currents that comprised the nascent conservative movement were varied Kirk s outlook was never than a shining example of one particular intellectual strand traditionalism that went into the mix, and which sometimes cla [...]

    Suprisingly uninformative, erratic, primarily rethorical instead of philosophical.Some may like it and I think the most interesting thing about it aside pieces on Newman and Tocqueville is to look at this as a history of falilures of conservatism in both theory and practice, as it was, just like this book, mainly rethorical, rejecting any who examine it and not necessarily the conclusions, but the path by which they are reached While they often championed Plato and Aristotle, all protestant thi [...]

    Trevor Cory
    An important read it provides good arguments against what the modern world forces upon us industrialism, capitalism, materialism, neo Marxism, socialism in poetic, reasonable, and imaginative language Kirk exposits many important thinkers who are glossed over in the modern university education He appeals to the reader s higher political imagination in combination with the better angels of our nature to negate the dangers of ideological indoctrination Best of all he does this with the prose of a [...]

    Lee Gonzales
    Massive in scope, but readableThis book is time consuming and requires the reader to patiently sift through much content but rewards the same with an a penetrating analysis of the ideas that have shaped the world in which we live For better or worse the material presented by Kirk has to be examined and his aim is that the honest reader contend with the history of the proponents and enemies of what is today called conservatism.

    Great Book There are many good reviews of, Conservative Mind so all I will say is, not an easy book to read, but it is worth the effort I plan to reread this book for as many times as it takes,to understand and remember every concept From The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk from Edmund Burke to T.S EliotRejecting the notion of a world subject only to sudden impulse and physical appetite, Burke expounded the idea of a world governed by strong and subtle purpose Revelation, reason, and an assura [...]

    And outstanding survey of Conservative thought.

    An elegant book of political thought A true classic of Anglo American writing Kirk s best or greatest achievement Kirk with others in the early post war period re established the thinking man s republicanism solidly on the shoulders of Edmund Burke in Britain as well as Hamilton or Adams in the States The entire sweep of Western intellectual history is contextualized in a manner that impressed the readership of the New York Times while earning the highest accolades of the conservative movement o [...]

    I didn t pick this book out of a hat Kirk s tome has been praised by figures such as Richard Nixon according to Ambrose s biography, he read it avidly and used it to shape his own thinking and William F Buckley Just last month, John Kass wrote a column in which he mentioned glancing at his own dog eared copy of it and bemoaning the fact that today s Republicans can t articulate their own conservative principles, thereby guaranteeing Obama another term It doesn t take than ten or twenty pages of [...]

    This was a survey of British and American conservative thought and thinkers from Edmund Burke to T.S Eliot An enlightening and at times dense book, it was well worth the effort Helped me identify things I may have felt or presumed in my own thoughts that I might not have articulated very well before It was also useful for contextualizing where we find ourselves politically in 21st century America Conservatism, as explained through Kirk, is not an ideology per se, but the presumptions about the w [...]

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      Russell Kirk