Doctor Who: the Highlanders (1966)

Dir. Hugh David / BBC / UK / Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction / B&W / 45m

The BBC's long running science fiction series gets its first brush with Scotland in this story which sees the time travellers arrive in Scotland just after the Battle of Culloden. The Second Doctor gains the trust of a small band of fleeing Jacobites by offering to tend their wounded Laird, Colin McLaren. While Polly and the Laird's daughter Kirsty are away fetching water, he and the others are all captured by Redcoat troops commanded by Lieutenant Algernon Ffinch.

Grey, a crooked solicitor who sells prisoners for transportation to slavery in the West Indies, secures the group into his custody. Polly and Kirsty blackmail Ffinch into helping and the Doctor wins the day by smuggling arms to the Highlanders who are being held on board a stolen ship, the Annabelle.

Grey and the ship's unscrupulous captain, Trask, are overpowered and the vessel returned to its rightful owner, Willie Mackay, who agrees to take the rebels to safety in France.

The Doctor, Polly and Ben return to the Doctor's TARDIS, where they are joined on their travels by the young Highland piper Jamie McCrimmon.

Doctor Who was always strapped for cash in these early days so there was no possibility of shooting on location in Scotland. the fake accents and tartan do their best to suggest we are actually in Culloden.

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